2020 Porsche 911

What to Expect from the Upcoming 2020 Porsche 911

A legendary sports car is redesigned for the latest model year, adding subtle but important touches to an already iconic experience that many premium car enthusiasts cherish. Enter the 2020 Porsche 911, a riveting showroom addition set for arrival to the showroom floor here at Porsche Warrington.

Prominent Design Updates and Feature Enhancements

Adding a Cabriolet version for the model year, the 2020 Porsche 911 showcases prominent revisions to the car's nose, revisions to the back end, and a pronounced touch for its red LED strip. A central touchscreen interface is now larger at 10.9 inches, as this new Porsche model also features a larger Panamera. On the performance end, this new Porsche sports car utilizes a 443-horsepower flat-six turbocharge engine for explosiveness off the line, reaching 60 miles per hour from a resting position in just 3.5 seconds time. Standard wet mode helps to optimize control over slick road surfaces, as this new Porsche model is available in rear and all-wheel drive depending upon the type of command at the wheel you may prefer.

From its prolific engine production to the dazzling design it displays when speeding past, the new 2020 Porsche 911 proves intriguing on a variety of different fronts. Sophisciated features, upscale upholstery, and innovative cabin tech give this new Porsche sports car its dominating edge over segment competitors in the luxury marketplace.

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