2023 Porsche Macan vs. Porsche Cayenne | Which Luxury SUV is Better?

The Cayenne is more Expensive. The Macan is Smaller. But Which is Better? Compare these New 2023 Porsche Luxury SUVs here, and Find Out.
Blue 2023 Porsche Macan.

2023 Porsche Macan SUV

White 2023 Porsche Cayenne.

2023 Porsche Cayenne SUV

2023 Cayenne vs. 2023 Macan

At Porsche Warrington, we are very lucky. We get to sell and service two outstanding luxury SUVs: the New Porsche Macan and New Cayenne. With the benefit of seeing these vehicles every day, we know them very well. And while we don't think you'd necessarily go wrong with either, there are important differences between the two that likely makes one a better choice for you and your family than the other. What are they? Let's take a look.


If you need or want the larger SUV, choose the Cayenne. Both luxury vehicles seat five passengers and include two rows, but the Cayenne includes more space. Its exterior length stretches an additional 7.6 inches. In terms of height, the Macan is three feet shorter than the Cayenne. Passenger space in the 2023 Porsche Macan measures 96 cubic-feet, which is 11 cubic-feet less than the 2023 Porsche Cayenne SUV. The Cayenne also features more cargo capacity and can tow nearly 75% more than Macan.


If a lower price tag is your top priority, pick the Macan. The 2023 Cayenne's base trim level costs nearly $15,000 more than the 2023 Macan base model. At the other end of the spectrum, the GTS is both SUV's most expensive trim. The Macan GTS costs roughly $30,000 less than the Cayenne GTS.


According to J.D. Power, the 2023 Porsche Cayenne scored a 79 (out of 100) in "Quality & Reliability." Criteria includes vehicle owner experiences in areas of defects, malfunctions, and design flaws. The Cayenne's 80 overall makes it the third-highest rated upper midsize premium SUV. The Macan scored a 78 in Quality & Reliability, but performed better than the Cayenne in driving experience and resale value forecasting. It's 83 overall tied it with the BMW X4 for top-rated compact premium SUV.

Macan vs. Cayenne: Side-By-Side Comparison

2023 Porsche Macan (Base Model) 2023 Porsche Cayenne (Base Model)
Starting Price $57,500 MSRP* $72,300 MSRP*
Engine 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4 3.0-liter turbocharged V6
Horsepower Up to 261 HP Up to 335 HP
0-60 mph Up to 6 seconds Up to 5.9 seconds
Torque Up to 295 lb-ft Up to 332 lb-ft
Fuel Economy** 19/25/21 MPG 19/23/20 MPG***
Fuel Tank 17.1 Gallons 23.7 Gallons
Dimensions 186.1" L x 76.1" W x 63.8" H 193.7" L x 78.1" W x 66.8" H
Seating Capacity 5 5
Cargo Space 17.2 cubic feet, 53 cu-ft with seat area 27.2 cubic feet, 60.3. cu-ft with seat area
Towing Capacity 4,409 lbs. 7,700 lbs.
Limited Warranty 4 years/50,000 miles**** 4 years/50,000 miles****

*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Excludes tax; title; registration; delivery, processing and handling fee; dealer charges. Dealer sets actual selling price. **City/highway/combined. ***Does not include the plug-in-hybrid option. ****Whichever comes first.


The new Macan and Cayenne each come with a large amount of standard safety features, such as: Airbags for all passengers, Anti-Theft Systems, Anti-Lock Brakes, Rear Parking Aid, Stability Control, and Traction Control. However, the base Cayenne model comes with two important safety items not available in the base Macan:
  • Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP) - consists of side impact protection elements in the doors, and thorax airbags integrated into the side bolster of each front seat.
  • Warn and Brake Assist* - detects the risk of collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. It also initiates a warning or emergency braking if necessary.
*Warn and Brake Assist cannot prevent most collisions, although it may help to reduce their severity. In addition, Warn and Brake Assist may not detect every object in the road. The system may not operate if certain evasive maneuvers are performed by the driver.

It's worth noting that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety haven't conducted crash test reviews for the Macan and Cayenne. This is typical for vehicles in their price ranges. 

2023 Porsche Cayenne Front Seats.

2023 Porsche Cayenne Interior

2023 Porsche Macan Front Seats.

2023 Porsche Macan Interior


Porsche is well-known for engine performance. This is representative in the Macan and Cayenne. The base four-cylinder 2023 Macan can go 0-60 mph in six seconds (5.8 seconds with the Sport Chrono Package) with a top track speed of 144 mph. The six-cylinder 2023 Cayenne entry trim is even faster: going from 0-60 in one-tenth of a second less (two-tenths of a second with the Sport Chrono Package) than the Macan, with a top track speed of 152 mph.

The Cayenne comes in nine trim levels, including three plug-in hybrid (the E-Hybrid) varieties. The E-Hybrid can get approximately 40 MPG when the battery is utilized - perfect for navigating eastern Pennsylvania's busy streets. The Macan, which has four trim levels, does not have a hybrid option. However, it added a new trim for the 2023 model year - the Macan T. The Macan T slots right above the base, providing a less abrupt price jump between trims. In addition to what the base comes with, the Macan T includes GTS sport seats, the Sport Chrono Package, and automatic high beams. It's also important to keep in mind that while the Macan is solely an SUV, the Cayenne also comes in a coupe body style.

Android users will likely want to choose the Cayenne. Every Cayenne has Porsche Connect Plus, which includes a Wi-Fi hotspot as well as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Inside the Macan, a Wi-Fi hotspot and Apple CarPlay also come standard, but no model offers Android Auto.

Both luxury SUVs come equipped with Hi-fi sound systems with 10 speakers and 150 watts of output. They also have high-resolution infotainment touchscreens integrated into their dashboards. However, the Cayenne's screen size is 12.3 inches. The Macan's is 10.9 inches.

2023 Cayenne vs. 2023 Macan: Which Should You Buy?

So, which is better, the Macan or the Cayenne? The answer depends on how much you weigh the luxury SUVs' aforementioned pros and cons. When it comes to affordability, the Macan is the clear-cut winner. The Macan also rates a little more reliable than the Cayenne. The Cayenne beats the Macan in terms of space, safety, and performance features (even fuel efficiency if you factor in the E-Hybrid).

Regardless of your situation and which one you select, we at Porsche Warrington are confident you'll love either one. We encourage you to take the short drive from anywhere in the Philadelphia area to our Porsche dealership in Warrington, PA. Our Porsche sales specialists would love to show you around in a new Macan and Cayenne, and answer any questions. We have plenty of each model in stock. You can also contact us below and schedule a test drive.

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