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The space that the 911 has carved out for itself is not simply because of its versatile performance and luxury, even as it continues to benchmark the segment year after year. The status that the lineup has earned is a result of proving itself on the road and track for decades and the latest iteration from Porsche Exclusive celebrates every step of it.
The 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition takes the 911 Targa, which itself embodies the ideals of classic sports cars already, and dresses it in the fashion of Porsche’s greatest hits. Classically-inspired exterior colors complement the silver Targa bar and gold badges, and a personalized start number and decal package hearken back to Porsche’s earliest race winners. The brand’s classic “1963” crest sits front and center on the bonnet, a detail that is easy to overlook but proves itself authentic to the Heritage Design Edition.

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Inside, the Targa is overhauled with unique finishes and materials that are exclusive to the Heritage Design Edition. The two-tone interior is available in Bordeaux Red or black, accompanied by Atacama Beige OLEA club leather, with corduroy inserts in the seats and door panels to revive the fashion of the 50s. The roof lining is in matching Atacama Beige but comes in a unique perforated Alcantara, and a limited edition plaque on the dashboard gives identity to one of the 992 units to be built.
But it’s not just some trendy costume party—the 992 Targa delivers on its modern advancements to create an unrivaled balance of function and style. A 443-horsepower turbocharged flat-six powers all four wheels with the Targa 4S, and either an 8-speed PDK or 7-speed manual engages it with the driver. Ceramic composite brakes keep things under control with unmatched consistency, and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control offers greater confidence in maneuvering, both at the limit and at low speeds. Unlike with Porsche’s most famous race cars, a driver need not be a hero to extract the most out of the 911 Targa 4S.

860 × 537
Despite the fact that the 911 Targa Heritage Design Edition has a general template to it, Porsche Exclusive always encourages the next level of personalization and Porsche Warrington did just that with its commission, numbered #692/992. Finished in Paint-to-Sample Dark Sea Blue (meerblau), our Targa boasts a deep subtlety and sophistication that doesn’t immediately give away its exclusivity with the standard sticker package removed. But there’s little the interior can do to hide its true identity, with the Atacama Beige leather contrasted by Bordeaux Red for a luxurious and striking complement to the dark, non-metallic exterior.
While the 911 continues to make strides in performance, extracting speed and efficiency with each generation, its distinct style has been impossible to overlook for nearly 60 years. The 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition takes the best of that and creates a timeless combination that adapts classic cool to decades of innovation.
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