Which Porsche 911 Should I Buy?

The new Porsche 911 is a legendary high-performance sports car that provides an undeniably exhilarating driving experience. With a choice of powerful and responsive powertrains, advanced technology features, and an array of customizable packages, the Porsche 911 is a great choice for everything from the daily commute on I-95 to pleasure rides on winding country roads.

The new Porsche 911 is available to Newtown, PA drivers as a coupe or convertible, which comes in the Taga retractable roof and Cabriolet soft-top versions. These styles are available in thirteen trims, each with variations in standard and available features like engine output, seating materials, and wheel size. The only question is, “Which Porsche 911 should I buy?”


The Porsche 911 Carrera is a classic in the world of high-performance sports cars, with trim options available to Huntingdon Valley shoppers being the base-level Carrera as well as Carrera S, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S, and Carrera GTS.

The base model is outfitted with the ample 370-horsepower turbocharged flat-six 3.0-liter engine coupled with a seven-speed manual transmission. The adaptive suspension and 19-inch wheels make for tight handling in the Willow Grove area, while the leather upholstery, four-way adjustable seats, and 7-inch touchscreen display with Bluetooth® and Apple CarPlay® compatibility make the driving experience as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

The Carrera S features more horsepower from a more robust version of the 3.0 flat-six engine and 20-inch wheels, while the Carrera 4 and 4S feature AWD. The GTS takes the Carrera trim up a few levels with an engine upgrade to 450 horsepower and a host of sport-tuned modifications, including:

  • PASM sport suspension
  • Sport exhaust system
  • Turbo overboost
  • Stopwatch


The 911 Turbo relies on a 3.8-liter flat-six engine to crank out a full 540 horsepower and includes a power-retractable spoiler, rear-wheel steering, and LED headlights. The Turbo S is capable of 580 horsepower and is equipped with ceramic brakes, active stabilizer bars for the suspension, and 14-way power seats to make the ride through Doylestown that much more comfortable.

Carrera T, GT3, GT3 RS, and GT2 RS

These trim levels are built for speed on the track. The Carrera T is based on the base Carrera, but is lighter and can accelerate more quickly. The GT3 comes standard with a 500-horsepower 4.0-liter engine and a specially-tuned suspension for Warminster drivers, while the GT3 RS is both lighter and more powerful. The GT2 RS is a more powerful version of the GT3 RS, capable of up to 690 horsepower.

Which 911 is right for you? Schedule an appointment to test drive a Porsche 911 at Porsche Warrington and decide for yourself which trim level makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget.

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