Engine Idling and Porsche Auto Start Stop Technology

You drive a Porsche, so you probably consider yourself somewhat of an automotive enthusiast. You likely appreciate performance, and agile handling, and luxury amenities. But no single person is wholly one thing, and everyone has different parts and priorities. As such, it's also quite possible that you're concerned about the environment. What's more, though you may not consider reliability as important as, say, engine options, you still probably want to keep repairs to a minimum. Enter auto/start stop technology. Available on most new Porsche cars and SUVs, this technology helps you conserve fuel, prevent unnecessary engine usage, and effectively increases your fuel efficiency (a car that idles gets 0 mpg).

Other Porsche Innovation

Auto Start Stop Technology isn't the only notable Porsche innovation. Porsche continues to deliver a wide-range of innovations throughout the new Porsche model lineup, from advanced infotainment offerings to active safety technologies to new engines and E-Hybrid powertrains that push the boundaries of convention and redefine what it means to drive a sports car.

If you're interested in learning about all the ways Porsche innovates through its new model lineup, contact us today here at Porsche Warrington. We're happy to run through what makes driving one of our new Porsche models a fantastic idea!

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