No Road is Long Enough With the Right Company


No road is long enough with the right company. Congratulations @pemz0r! #PorscheMoment

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As Porsche so poignantly reminds us, no road is long enough with the right company. And though the right company can be a newlywed, a spouse, or a partner, it can also be a group of friends or even a flock of family members. With the right Porsche model, you can take everyone you want along for the ride!

The New Porsche Lineup Has the Perfect Vehicle For You and Your Squad

There was once a time when driving a sports car such as the Porsche 911 was all about exclusivity – not only of the vehicle you were piloting but also the exclusivity of the experience. Porsche models accommodated two passengers comfortably, perhaps four. But Porsche vehicles were sports cars. While the sporting dynamic and focus on ride quality hasn’t changed, and neither has the premium cachet of owning a Porsche, nowadays, there are plenty of Porsche models to take the whole squad along, wherever you happen to be going.

While you can certainly opt for the exclusivity of a two-seater Porsche like the 718 Cayman GTS, there are plenty of other Porsche models like the Panamera and Panamera 4 Sport Turismo that can comfortably take 4+ passengers on short and long trips alike. Then, there is, of course the Porsche SUV lineup; from the Macan to the Cayenne and fuel-efficient Cayenne E-Hybrid, there’s a Porsche SUV for everyone.

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