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Tires are the only point-of-contact between your Porsche's body and the road underneath. Tires provide traction, absorb road imperfections, create a cushion when turning, and more. With all your tires do for you during every drive, isn't it time you paid more attention to how you're treating your tires?

Why Are Tires Important

Properly inflated tires help you save gas and make sure your Porsche is handling at its best. If you drive with either underinflated or overinflated tires, you'll notice the difference in the way your Porsche handles. So make sure to have your tire pressure checked regularly.

Driving on tires without sufficient tread can not only create a potential hazard for other motorists if you lose grip and traction, but also can be the difference between a safe drive for you and your passengers, or a potentially very injurious journey. Be sure to have your tire's tread depth checked regularly and replace if it's under 2/32nds.

Tires that were manufactured over eight years ago or tires with cracking, crazing, or dry-rot, can lead to blowouts or accidents, so make sure if your tires show any of the above signs or are over eight years old, you have them replaced.

Contact Our Service Department

It's easier than ever to ensure your tires are compliant with the minimum legal tread-depth requirement and are safe, well-treaded, and well-inflated. Trust the experts here at the Porsche Warrington Service Center. To get into touch with us for a service appointment, simply contact us online or by phone at (215) 343-1600. We look forward to hearing from you.

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