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Want your Porsche to inspire as much attention as the classic model pictured above? Yeah, we thought so. Part of the longstanding appeal of classic Porsche models and new Porsche models alike that manages to make people stop and stare is due to years of Porsche design innovation. Part of it, though, also stems from proper cosmetic maintenance and Porsche car care.

The importance of maintaining a Porsche vehicle from a mechanical standpoint is more widely known and circulated. Having your oil changed regularly ensures that critical engine components operate smoothly, preventing excess engine wear over time. Keeping your tires properly inflated helps your ride be as smooth as possible and also can benefit gas mileage. Replacing your brakes as needed ensures that you stop when you need to, especially during emergency situations. But did you know that maintaining your car cosmetically is very important too, not only for garnering stares?

The Importance of Car Care and Cosmetic Maintenance

Regularly washing your Porsche with a dedicated car wash soap is important in ensuring that road grime, sap, bird droppings, and even hard water do not get etched into your paint. Regular waxing is also of paramount importance in helping things from sticking to your paint. Regular washing and waxing can also help prevent rust and corrosion over time, and thus, prevent you from needing to replace body panels. Especially in classic cars, keeping your car cosmetically maintained is of paramount importance. And if you do have a classic, consider keeping it in a temperature controlled-environment under a suitable quality cover.

Contact Us For Porsche Detailing Information

Are you unsure of where to start insofar as cosmetic car maintenance is concerned? Check your owner's manual first. If you have additional car care questions, contact our service center at (215) 343-1600. If you think you can handle washing and vacuuming but are looking for someone else to maintain your car cosmetically, ask about the auto-detailing services we offer!

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